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D&D Game 5 - 01/10/20

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Not Dead Yet! Not Dead Yet!

We started with all kinds of map problems in Fantasy Grounds.  The only one besides Andy that could see it was Jon on his Mac.  It was weird since no one had a problem with the same map last time.  Bad update? We rebooted and restarted to no avail.  Eventually, we gave up and Jon shared his screen via Skype however for those of us doing Skype on a phone, that view was marginal.  I think some us got to the point where we could see the tokens with no map and could target enemies but couldn’t move the tokens.  So the wayward Holy Paladin (Jon) rejoined with a full load of hit points and powers.  The Rogue (Wade) went on an independent recon mission and never made it back.  We suspected we’d find her hanging out at the bar while we were fighting for our lives.  We started up the stairs with the Swashbuckler Paladin in the lead.  We were hailed for a parley.  The man in charge wanted to negotiate and avoid any more unpleasant bloodshed.  

We were lead into a room where the boss was busy burning papers.  Also in there was his second in command, 4 of those wrestling dwarf tanks, a couple giant rats, several miscellaneous guards and 4 more of them out in the hall.  We talked.  Basically he said that we didn’t understand the magnitude of the operation going on.  He was in charge of the organized crime in this city but he also had a boss who would not be as “understanding” as he was prepared to be.  He would not reveal that name.  We refuted his claims of benevolence and when we accused him of killing people with the rats, he admitted that had gotten out of hand and they were only there to keep people out of the sewers and keep them from disturbing their operations.  But it boiled down to what it would take for us to leave and/or mind our own business.  He was not leaving which was sort of reasonable from his perspective since they were here first. 

The Swashbuckler Paladin did most of the talking, mainly to try to get information out of him, as the Holy Paladin become more and more indignant over the whole conversation.  Eventually, the Holy Paladin cast Shield of Faith and the combat we knew had to come, started.  The Swashbuckler Paladin acted first, missing the boss with a 1 but then knocking him over with a shield bash.  The Fighter went next.  The Swashbuckler Paladin advised him to lock the doors so that the 4 guards outside could not join the fight but he had bigger plans in mind.  He ran into the room and leapt over the desk, taking two opportunity attacks along the way.  (Dave said that the poor map visibility kept him from realizing how risky this plan was.)  He then pounded the boss (with advantage since he was knocked down) and critted him for a glorious mighty blow.  And did no damage because the boss was a wererat that needed magic weapons to be harmed.  Parley? 

So the puds (guards and rats) were not much of a threat and were taken out pretty fast.  The boss and his cleric pulled away from most of us.  The cleric cast some spells, including a command on our Sorcerer, but didn’t do too much.  The boss was a rogue who mostly fired a crossbow from relative safety.  It was his invulnerability that was his big power.  But it was the tanks that were the real problem.  They got two attacks a round.  They had pact tactics which gave them advantage a lot.  They were resistant to bludgeoning damage, like our Fighter’s maul and couldn’t be knocked down by the shield bashings.  They also had around 40-50 hit points.  Plus, the grappling stuff.  And probably more I’m not remembering.  A tough package for a group of 3rd levelers.  Their damage wasn’t so bad though.  They grappled or used a mace for 1d6 or their hands for 1d4.  But they just couldn’t be dropped or there were just too many of them to concentrate on taking one out.  But more importantly, we started this fight already down.  Half of us were below half in hit points.  Many had used up most of their daily powers and most of their encounter powers.  Parley? 

I can’t recall the blow for blow of the middle of the fight so I’ll try to recall some highlights of each character.  When the Fighter charged off it fell to the Sorcerer to close and lock the doors with his first action.  Next, he got commanded by their cleric.  He then got to cast his Dragon’s Breath and did decent damage to two of the tanks.  He did that again the next round but then was dropped.  He started the fight wounded.  He managed to stabilize himself but no one managed to heal him until it was all over.  The Monk was in the middle of the action however he started with just a handful of hit points, one Ki point and no cleric powers.  He did what he could but fell after a few rounds as well.  The Swashbuckler Paladin did manage to get over to him and bring him up but he was dropped again the next round.  That Paladin also started down hit points and without many powers so he was just swinging and bashing as he could.  He was also dropped. 

The Wizard was stuck in a corner with a tank.  He hit him with a shocking grasp which stunned him long enough to slip away but there were so many bad guys, there was nowhere to go that wasn’t threatened.  He did manage to finish off a guard who moved beside him but he just couldn’t make a dent into the tank with 1d8 attacks.  This limited his spell options, reluctant to do a ranged attack with disadvantage (like Fire Bolts on the wererat) or risk a concentration spell while being beaten on.  Luckily the tank didn’t do too much damage so somehow the Wizard was still standing at the end but no one could come help him disengage.  The Fighter finished off some puds but had to avoid the tanks because of their resistance to bludgeoning and the boss since he couldn’t affect him.  He did manage to get over and do some damage on the cleric. 

That leaves the Holy Paladin who started the fight fully loaded.  It took a couple of rounds to get over to the boss at which point he fired up his Sacred Weapon ability.  Not only did it give him +CHR to hit but turned his weapon to the equivalent of magic.  He then critted the wererat, poured in the extra damage by burning a spell and did a total of 41 points in a single blow.  The wererat went from untouchable to heavily damaged.  His cleric healed him for a few points but we had them on the ropes.  The Holy Paladin, the Fighter and a Magic Missile from the Wizard still stuck in the corner finished off the two of them.  However, all 4 tanks were still up and only one of them had taken any real damage.  And the barred door was finally giving way.  The Fighter ran over to hold the door however he was cut down soon after.  The Wizard finally had a shot that would Shatter 3 of the tanks.  (And the unconscious Monk unfortunately which caused him to automatically miss a death save.)  But that last spell slot only dropped one of them as the door burst open. 

However, when the guards realized that both bosses were dead along with all their fellow pud guards, they decided to flee rather than finish off the two standing players.  I suspect the Holy Paladin with the glowing sword, standing amongst the fallen, cut quite the intimidating pose.  The remaining tanks followed suit.  About then the Fighter realized he was a half orc and should have popped back to 1 hit point when he went down for the first time.  But the standing players spent their actions trying to save and/or revive the down players and let the bad guys leave.  Thankfully no one died on the death saves but several were rolled.  The revived Monk took a parting shot on the last fleeing bad guy who took it, turned and knock him out for the 3rd time.  The Swashbuckler Paladin also took a parting shot at one of the guards to “speed them on their way”.  The Holy Paladin was eager to leave before they came back but there was treasure to gather, clues to find and detect magic to cast.  We took a short rest, gathered up stuff including scraps of unburned papers linking these guys to the villain who took over the Monk’s monastery.  And then made it back to town. 

So we made 4th.  We got a bunch of treasure which got distributed.  We also got some magic items which the Wizard identified.  A +1 short sword which was of interest to all the melee guys who couldn’t hit the wererat but will probably be best with the Rogue or the Swashbuckler Paladin who use finesse weapons on every attack.  Bracers of Archery which gives short and longbow proficiency as well as +2 damage.  Not sure who that would be of use to.  Someone without cantrips, I figure so the Fighter or a Paladin.  Gloves of Climbing and Swimming.  A scroll of Alarm which the Sorcerer was eager to put into his ritual book and of Alter Self which the Wizard will put into his spellbook, being one of those useful spells that aren’t useful often enough to take as one of his 2 free spells per level but always nice to have.  And 2 potions of Mind Reading.  By the way, we didn’t use our one healing potion since it was in the pack of the missing Rogue.  I’m not sure where we go from here.  A couple of long rests, that’s for sure.  Happy to be alive.                          

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  • Comment Link Daniel Monday, 13 January 2020 15:18 posted by Daniel

    Since they knew we were coming (they always know) we should have taken a long rest. We were up and down more often than a yo yo.


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