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D&D Game 21 - 10/16/20

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Andy had sent everyone an individual email, outlining the contents of disturbing dreams.  Eventually, we got together to discuss the contents.  (However, the Swashbuckler was late arriving as he wanted to talk to the head priest first, the Rogue also wandered off to be with herself and the Fighter left town, never to be seen again.)  Basically, it was images of foreboding doom and an evil presence looming over us.  The Monk pointed out, once the stories were told, that we all had images of something we did not want to lose being lost.  So, the Swashbuckler and the Rogue saw Commander Price’s death, the Wizard saw the school burn down, etc.  Whether these were prophecies or just methods to torment us was debated.  Some attempted to take action to prevent but nothing much came from it.  Piecing together the various parts, it was Lord Scorpix (the pirate king) and St Sever (the monastery betrayer) up to no good.  The Wizard saw a wizard using a scrying stone to successfully locate him in Jailynn and saw St Sever summoning a shadow demon thing.  Others saw that demon killing people.  The Paladin and the Monk saw the Paladin’s lost princess as an angel, helping us.  But the upshot was that we were now powerful enough to be noticed by them, that they knew where we were and that they were marshaling forces to stop us before we disrupted their plans.

Dave’s new Wizard/Bard halfling character was introduced as a friend of the halfling sheriff and known to the sailing Swashbuckler.  She told the sheriff she had had visions that she was needed here and the sheriff correctly assumed that meant us.  Everyone plus Price and the sheriff went to the governor’s mansion for dinner.  In addition to Lord Graymark was the head priest, a leading merchant by the name of Fisk and his teenage son, and a bunch of no ones.  There was a long process of statements and questions.  Basically, there was Lord Saxon in the north who was looking to “take over” the town so the leading merchants hired Greymark to build up their defenses.  He hired and conscripted a “free army” to maintain order and show force.  Our presence and good deeds such as taking out the thief guild and pirate ship, made us potential allies to the town.  He was looking for assurances that the town could count on us.

So, this was met with suspicion, of course.  I mean who’s to say that this guy and a few merchants are better for this town than the unknown Lord Saxon? Nobody made any firm commitments.  The Rogue and the Swashbuckler, who are looking to put down roots, stated that they could be counted on.  Several other players have personal missions and couldn’t commit long term.  The Rogue did ask for help buying a building in town (with access to her sewers).  Basically, as long as our interests align with theirs (e.g. pirate defeating) we’d be around.  During all this, the Rogue went invisible and snuck upstairs.  She ended up in his office, in his desk, and into his secret drawer.  Oops.  In there she found a letter from a Lord in the south, informing Greyhawk that Scorpix was on his way to arrest the criminals Monk, Paladin, Swashbuckler, and Wizard for crimes associated with the destruction of the Monk’s father’s monastery.  Lies! And requesting/demanding his support.  The Rogue felt that the signature was forged. 

We had no idea if the letter was believed but we really couldn’t ask about it since it was breaking and entering.  Scorpix’s forces would be in Jailynn soon.  So, what do we do? Stay and face him? Would Greyhawk side with him or us? If him, then we’d be facing two forces.  Go to the island and free the hostages as planned? Take a side trip to the north and look into these Orcs that Lord Saxon is allegedly supporting? It was agreed to go to the island as planned.  Hopefully, some of his forces will be on their way here so it’ll be easier? Hopefully, he won’t level the town if we are not there since he needs to control it.  We’ll see if those were the right choices.  So, in the morning, despite assurances to Lord Greyhawk that we’d be around to help, we set sail. (Dan: At this point, the orc fighter mysteriously disappears and a halfling takes his place.  No one in the party questioned anything.  Bad roleplaying or MIND CONTROL?)

We swung a bit north in hopes of avoiding the pirates heading this way.  We got to the island and decided to anchor on the opposite side and walk over rather than face another ship to ship battle.  That all went okay.  We got to their compound but it was a bit small.  A tower, a barracks for 20+ men, and a kitchen/support building.  The invisible Rogue did some scouting but could not find the hostages.  She avoided opening doors or taking risks so there were areas she did not see.  But we were hesitant to start blasting for fear of harming them or them being put to the sword because of us.  The Wizard asked if there were any trails from the compound that might lead to a cave or pit or cage where the hostages might be.  There was a trail that went up the cliff beside the waterfall up to the dragon statue that served as a landmark for the island.  (This was once a dragon cult island.)  Unfortunately, that trail was in plain view of the compound so we elected to wait until nightfall.

So, we went up the trail in the dark.  That was slow going mainly because only 3 of the 7 of us had darkvision.  At the top, we found a small bridge across the raging river just upstream from the 150-foot falls.  There was a barricade on the bridge guarded by 3 guys.  On the other side was a fire with another 10 guys of various types including a two-headed death dog and a berserker.  Beyond them was the dragon statue.  We could see stairs on it and surmised there were entrances into the mountain behind.  So much for our “find the hostages” plan.  We’d never get by these guys quietly.  The best we could hope for is quickly.  The good news was that the compound below was 20-25 minutes away so re-enforcements would take a while.  So, the Swashbuckler went first.  He Misty Step across the river, bypassing the bridge, barricade, and guards, and attacked a pirate by the fire.  And then backed away because next was the Wizard who let loose with a Fireball for 35 points.  That did soften them up considerably but only a couple of nonthreat peons went out.

We went into full fight mode.  The bridge was a bit of a bottleneck.  The Sorlock was very effective, knocking guys into the river with his knockback eldritch blast.  They had a 12 swim check near land, a 14 check out in the middle and a 16 check to keep from going over the falls.  I think 3-4 went in and only the last guy managed to make one of those rolls.  The Rogue was using her actions and Mage Hand to impeded those attempts.  The Swashbuckler used up several spells for smites to take out the death dog pretty quick.  Things were good.  A couple of guards came out from the statue but they were no real threat. 

But on the last round of the night, two wyverns flew out.  The first tried a flyby snatch on the Rogue but missed but the second snatched the Paladin.  The Monk did his step of the wind thing and jumped onto it.  He hit with a stunning strike but it saved.  But then the Bard changed his fate with a portance die and he failed after all.  He then missed with a grab and fell into the river and the 150-foot drop.  (He had Monk power to minimize that damage.)  The Fighter(Dan: I think this is actually Jon's Paladin?) managed to break free (with an inspiration die and advantage from the stunning strike) and fell into the river.  But with his gloves of swimming and a 20 roll, got out of the river with ease.  The Rogue then used her Mage Hand to get the Monk a rope.  He might have been able to survive the fall but he’d be 20 minutes back up assuming he didn’t get attacked by the 20+ down below.  We stopped there with two wyverns on the wing, a dungeon ahead of us, and a bunch of pirates behind us.  It’ll be fun.

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