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D&D Game 22 - 10/30/20

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We started in the middle of the fight, at the top of the order.  The stunned Wyvern went sailing over the waterfall, taking a ton of damage.  Unfortunately, the Monk was still on it.  He had a hold of the rope the Rogue gave him but the force of the momentum change was such that he lost his grip.  But he had enough athleticism to keep from going over the edge.  Two more armored knights showed up from under the statue and ran into the Wizard who was trying to take cover from the Wyverns.  He got chopped up a bit.  The Fate Witch hit the other Wyvern with a spell that caused it to flee.  Despite our watching the skies, they never did return until it was all over.  The remaining guards didn’t last long as the only targets.  The knights were tougher but then their Wizard appeared at the top of the dragon statue.

Since she was in the dark, she didn’t really appear but her Fireball sure did.  That caused the usual panic but the Monk and the Rogue had evasion and the Sorlock had that ring of evasion.  Plus, the Paladin gave save bonuses so all totaled, a couple took half damage and the majority took no damage.  Luckily our Wizard had fled the knights the round before and was out of the area.  Their wizard thought she was safe up there but the Monk used his Monk powers to get up there and avoid her guards.  The Rogue did the same with Misty Step and the Paladin with his climbing gloves.  Surrounded, she didn’t last long although she did get off a Cone of Cold for a ton of damage.  But again, everyone saved, and several evaded.  When she died, a green mist wisped into the chamber near the top.  Once the last knight was gunned down, we were out of targets.

The Swashbuckler went into the chamber and found a plantar on an altar and a bunch of treasure.  He attempted to wrap it in a sack however St Sever saw him coming and sent his Shadow Demon through the plantar with orders to attack.  (By the way, he, the demon, and the wizard were all featured in our bad dreams from a couple of games ago.)  So, it was a new fight on a new initiative.  The Shadow Demon occupied the square of the Swashbuckler and attacked the Monk.  It had a claw, claw, bite advantage on Wis saves, and other powers we didn’t really get to see.  Because on the Swashbuckler’s turn he did his Paladin turn thing which effects Fae for him.  It missed it’s save, despite advantage, and was forced to cower in the corner.  But it just went incorporeal and flowed through the rock.  We puttered around, waiting for its return in 2 minutes but it never did.

So, we gathered and searched.  Around 8 minutes later, the Commander flew up on his Wyvern and offered a deal.  He’d return the hostages and leave if we’d let them.  Unfortunately, the hostages would likely be put to the sword right in front of us if we didn’t.  According to him, St. Sever, armed with his shadow demon allies, had taken over the pirate king and these guys were looking to get away.  He also said that St. Sever was on his way to this island, now that he knew where we were.  We agreed with the added stipulation that they leave Jailyn alone.  The Swashbuckler then allowed that they could visit and resupply as long as they didn’t break the laws and maybe they could share some stories over a drink in the pub.  Several were perplexed by this but we moved on.  The Fate Witch finished her Detect Magic ritual but the plantar was the only thing that was magical.  We stopped with a short rest and the intention of heading back to the other side of the island to rendezvous with our ship.    

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