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D&D Game 23 - 11/13/20 - The End

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We started with a recap of the plot so far to get everybody on the same page.  The rescued nobles had no useful information or at least nothing we didn’t already know.  After some discussions about what to do next, we realized that it was the middle of the night and our ship would not be returning until the morning.  So we had to start by taking a long rest somewhere.  We could do that at the dragon statue or at the emptying compound down below however with the Pirate King on his way, we felt it best if we rested in a location that he did not know.  So we headed into the jungle to camp just off the beach where we had been dropped off that morning.  Two Tiny Huts were erected and after a bunch of pointless discussions about who would be in which tent, the night passed without issue.

In the morning, the tents came down and breakfast was started.  At which point we were ambushed by the Pirate King and his not so merry band.  Evidently, Andy had secretly rolled our passive perceptions and we all missed it.  We could have debated for hours on how we would have likely started the day (e.g. the wizard would have likely slept in and someone would have likely gone out of the tent and run into pirates in the trees) but we just rolled with it and rolled initiative.  The Swashbuckler went first and was quickly assassinated by a rogue who did 6? extra dice in backstab damage, doubled due to the assassinate power.  All told, he took 40+ points of damage from the first hit of the night.  That certainly got everyone’s attention.  I.e. panic ensued.  (Note from Dan: We all thought we were toast.  It turned out to be a very fair combat but Andy has a way of playing up the villains so we think they are far tougher than they are.  Almost one-shotting the toughest character didn't help.  So there was much moaning and whining.)

So the big guy was flanked by a couple of mates and a sea wizard.  There were at least two assassins hiding along with the first mate and more mates.  They were all loaded with Feats and abilities to make our life exciting.  We were surrounded, and the first round, they kept popping up from behind trees.  What followed was an extremely complex and contentious battle.  With all our individual 7 levels of powers plus a villain set designed to challenge us and all their stuff plus the interactions between them all; it was a lot to sort through.  I’ll hit some highlights. The Monk charged the man who killed his father, risking being surrounded.  (Note from Dan: The Arcane Trickster had cast Tasha's Hideous laughter on him and he had actually missed his save.  So he was rolling on the ground when the monk charged him.  I honestly thought it was a bonehead move, though well roleplayed.  Considering they took him out fairly fast I think they did the right thing.)The Paladin did the same as did the Rogue.  Basically, it was the “cut off the head” strategy.  The Pirate King got batter pretty fast and was hit by multiple spells.  Despite his bonuses, he missed a couple of saves including a stunning fist from the Monk.  The Paladin smited him several times for tons of damage as well.  Within a couple of rounds, he was out however none of his allies were really touched so there was more work to do.

Our Wizard hit theirs with a Slow which seemed like a good thing although it turned out that their wizard was mostly sea spells and lacking in offense.  He did manage to put up a delayed Fog Bank which caused heavily obscured chaos.  Our Wizard managed to find his way out, hit him, and drop his concentration. (Note from Dan: and yes there were huge arguments about if you were caught in a fog, would you know that there was an enemy in any specific direction even if you saw them 10 seconds ago.  It got loud and no one was happy with the results.  The moral is don't blind everyone on the map.  No one likes it and the rules aren't clear enough to make anyone happy.)  Yeah.  But the next round he just put it up again.  Boo.  No one found him this time and it stayed up until he fled the scene a few rounds later.  The Fate Witch managed to Charm one of theirs.  The Sorlock turned on his flight to get above the fog and then used his familiar (bat with blindsight) to target in it.  Whether that was legal was debated along with many other things.  (Note from Dan: The help action is legal with familiars.  The bat had Blindsight so it should have been able to give my character advantage to negate the disadvantage.  The questionable part is whether it was enough to target the assassin even if my familiar was on his head.  The halfling Bard argued for it the first time I did it and the next round argued against it.  I think this REALLY pissed of the GM.  The bat had only an AC of 12 with 4 HP so it was killed in a single attack when the assassin got fed up with it.  This was totally legitimate and I expected to lose the familiar temporarily.) It was mainly a grind with the difficulties of the Fog Bank thrown on top to slow down the already slow turns.  (Note from Dan: While everyone was in the fog Dave's bard character had charmed one of the pirates and led two others on a merry chase through and around the fog.  Excellent use of spalls and environment.)

When the Pirate King went out, he turned to mist much like the Wizard did the previous night and headed to the Orb being carried by the Rogue.  She attempted to stay ahead of it but could not.  Once in her backpack, another (or the same) Shadow Demon emerged.  So that started part two of the fight.  At that point, the pirates that were able to, started to flee.  (Note from Dan: The rogue trickster ditched the shadow demon which left it with only the sorlock it could see.  Thanks Brian!  I got nailed by a pirate's arrow, then hit by two claw attacks from the demon for about 60 points.  This took me out.  Ironically my action was next.  I had intended to hide in the fog but it obviously didn't work out. I was about 30 feet above the fight and the racial Asimar flight ability wasn't concentration so the DM was kind enough to say I floated down rather than falling and taking damage.  So my death save count started here.) The Fog finally cleared and fire was concentrated on the Shadow for the most part.  It was tough and dangerous.  We did not want to turn it this time, preferring to kill it so that we wouldn’t have to face it a 3rd time.  We ended the night there.  Once the Shadow Demon is vanquished, we’ll have to decide if we want to chase down these fleeing pirates.  They’ve got a couple rounds head start but we’ve got some fast guys on our team.  And/or we could attack their ship with ours.  Scorpix, the Pirate King, may have gotten away but we’ve managed to reduce his resources a bit more.  It’s a process? 

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