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Saiyan Warrior RCC

Racial Characteristics: Saiyans are potentially the greatest warriors in existence. Few of this race ever meet their potential. They thrive on combat and strife and have the amazing ability that if they are injured near death but survive they experience a measurable increase in power. The main reason that incredibly powerful Saiyans don't overrun the Megaverse is the anti-social attitude. Except for the insane, brain damaged, or half-breeds they just don't care if their fellow Saiyans live or die. They even prefer that their fellow Saiyans perish feeding their ego and (at least in their mind) bringing them one step closer to being the ultimate warrior. Although they will spar using non-lethal combat given the smallest provocation they will engage others in very lethal combat with little care of the consequences. Egotistical verging on the insane most simply cannot believe they will die, regardless of the evidence. With this attitude it can be seen that most Saiyans will eventually challenge someone who will kill them, ending their climb to power. Ironically the insane and half-breed Saiyan more easily gain the higher power levels. Though they share the joy of combat with normal Saiyans they are less likely to engage in lethal combat, thus continuing to increase in power where the pure bloods perish. There is theoretically no limit to the power a Saiyan can possess, it's even possible for normal (non-elite) Saiyans to reach what is known as Super-Saiyan level. The trick is to survive that long. A very difficult task when engaging in constant deathmatches. The one major drawback to this race is their need for combat. Without real trials and tribulations they become bored and their skills stagnate. The best they can do in this state is maintain their skills at their current level. There are relatively few Saiyan in the universe and no Super-Saiyans are known to exist.

Attributes: Roll as normal (3d6) if a 16 or better is rolled roll another d6 and add

it to the attribute. If the bonus die is a 5 or 6 roll one additional d6 and add that number to the attribute also. IQ, & MA only get a bonus die on a 17 or better and do not get the additional die for a roll of 5 or 6. Physical Stats. Minimum of 8 if lower adjust up.

Alignment: Mostly tend toward Miscreant or Diabolic, with a few Aberrants (rules of combat). Selfish and Good alignments are considered to be insane.

Life Span: Average life span is about 200 years. This may change upon reaching the Super-Saiyan power level.

Habitat: May be found anywhere there is combat or strife. The homeworld is a 10gravity earth-like world.

Enemies: Everyone, unless you're insane enough to have friends.

Allies: None, unless you're insane enough to have friends. They even have serious problems getting along with their own race and family members.

Hand to Hand:

Level #1 Create Force Field; 2 Attacks per Round;+3 Roll with Punch

Level #2 +1 Strike;+2 Parry & Dodge

Level #3 Critical strike from behind;+1 Initiative

Level #4 +1 Attack per Round;6th Sense

Level #5 Flight; Paired Weapons with Bare Hands & Force Blasts

Level #6 Power strike;+1 Strike

Level #7 +1 Attack per Round (Saiyan Elite)

Level #8 Resist Vacuum; +1 Initiative

Level #9 Critical strike 18,19,& 20

Level #10 +1 Strike ,Parry & Dodge

Level #11 +1 Attack per Round

Level #12 +1 Parry & Dodge,

(Super-Saiyan Level 1, Deathblow on a Natural 20,

Super-Heroic Strength, x100/200 carry/lift )

Level #13 +1 Attack per Round ;Death Blow on a Natural 20

(Super-Saiyan Level 2, Deathblow on a Natural 19, 20,

Teleport Superior at will, 100 point cost)

Level #14 +2 Roll with Punch; +1 Strike

(Super-Saiyan Level 3, Deathblow on a Natural 18, 19, 20,

Dimensional Teleport 70%, 2000 point cost)

Level #15 +1 Attack per Round; +1 Parry & Dodge

(Super-Saiyan Level 4, Deathblow on a Natural 17, 18, 19, 20)

Limitations: Despite having experience the Saiyan cannot actually gain any the benefits from going up a level (i.e. Hit Points, Combat/Stat bonus, psionics, ect.) without enduring a real combat where both his point pool is reduced to at least 10% and his MDC is reduced to at most 2%. This must be serious combat where the character's life is at risk. The adrenaline rush is in part of what triggers the physical change and cannot be faked. The power increase does not take place until the character is fully healed. Still with the proper spells and/or technology a hero/villain who won last combat could be in for an unpleasant surprise. The Saiyans do not regenerate and heal at a normal human rate. This explains the high fatality rate. Magic and technology-based healing work fine with this race. The tail may be removed during childhood and will grow back within two months. If removed as an adult it will not grow back. The tail possesses half the main MDC and is -4 to specifically target.


1)Create Force Field: PE X 100MD Point Pool total can use points to create a body tight force field of 10/lev MDC for Saiyans, 20/lev Elite Saiyans, 40/lev Super Saiyans. (Renewable instantly up to max. points)but this will give the character a penalty of -1 Attack per melee and -2 on Initiative. The character can dump all his points into defense but this uses up all his attacks per melee. The Saiyan can also shoot bolts of force that do 1d6 SDC/lev for 5points, range 100ft (Counts as one attack) or 1d6/level SDC for 50points range 1000ft (Counts as two attacks) or finally 1d6/level X 10 SDC for 500points range 10,000ft (uses up all his attacks per melee, but must have a minimum of 3 attacks per melee that round to use this power). Points are recovered at a rate of 3 per minute. Elite Saiyans shoot bolts of force that do 1d6 MD/lev for 5points, range 100ft (Counts as one attack) or 1d6/level MD for 50points range 1000ft (Counts as two attacks) or finally 1d6/level X 10 MD for 500points range 10,000ft (uses up all his attacks per melee, but must have a minimum of 3attacks per melee that round to use this power). Points are recovered at a rate of 10 per minute. Super-Saiyans shoot bolts of force that do 1d10 MD/lev for 5 points, range 100ft (Counts as one attack) or 1d10/level MD for 50points range 1000ft (Counts as two attacks) or finally 1d10/level X 10 MD for 500points range 10,000ft (uses up all his attacks per melee, but must have a minimum of 3attacks per melee that round to use this power). Points are recovered at a rate of 20 per minute.

2)6th Sense: Same as Psionic power (+6 on Initiative, +2 to Parry, & +3 to Dodge for the first attack round, character is also immune to surprised & sneak attack) plus can choose one additional power every third level (i.e. 3rd, 6th, 9th etc.) from the following Resist Fatigue, Deaden Pain, Presence Sense, Mind Block, See Aura, See Invisible, Telepathy or Object Read. Considered a major Psionic.(Force Fields are also considered psionic in nature) ISP = ME X 2. PPE is 2d6.

3)Flight: Normal Saiyans fly at 5mph per level (10mph per level if running) for 1pt per melee or 50mph per level for 10pts per melee. Elite Saiyans fly at 10mph per level (20mph per level if running) for 1pt per melee or 100mph per level for 10pts per melee (Can not parry or dodge at this speed but opponents are -1 to strike and perception roll per 100mph!). Super-Saiyans are 20mph per level (40mph per level if running) for 1pt per melee or 150mph per level for 10pts per melee.

4)Resist Vacuum: Can Resist the effects of vacuum for PE + 2d6 minutes if he has time to get a good deep breath first, but only PE + 1d6 melees if not so prepared.

5)Death Blow: SDC based attacks do double damage direct to hit points MDC based attacks do triple damage and can not be regenerated for 1d4 hours. Note: Power Punch Does 3d6x10S.D.C. or 1M.D.C. if strength is not Supernatural


SDC = PE+2d4 X 10. Hit Points PE X 2 +2d6 per level of experience.

A one time bonus of 200 SDC/MDC is gained upon becoming an Elite-Saiyan, and +4d6 per level(instead of the 2d6). A one time bonus of 400 SDC/MDC is gained upon becoming a Super-Saiyan, and 50 SDC/MDC per level.

Other Powers:

1)Enhanced Physical Endurance: About 33% of the population has supernatural Physical Endurance (Saiyan Elite All have this Power). If PE is below 20 raise it to twenty. Add 1d6 to PE. Character becomes a MDC being with 2d4 X 10 + PE in MDC. (= to S.D.C. Attribute additional SDC on SDC worlds). Gains +1 PE point every other level starting at third.

2)Supernatural Strength: About 33% of the population has supernatural Physical Strength (Saiyan Elite All have this Power). If PS is below 20 raise it to twenty. Add 1d6 to PS. Character can carry 50 X PS in pounds and lift 100 X PS. Note: See Titan Juicer for S.D.C. creatures striking M.D.C. objects. Force Field counts as armor. Gains +2 to PS per level.

3)Enhanced Physical Prowess: About 33% of the population has supernatural Physical Prowess (Saiyan Elite All have this Power). Add 2d4 to PP (minimum PP of 16). Character gains +1 Attack per Melee & +2 to Strike, Parry, Dodge, and on Initiative. Gains +1 PP every other level starting from second level).

4)Transformation: All Saiyans have the ability to transform into a huge baboon like creature under the light of a full moon. They gain 2ft per level of PE, 50lbs per foot grown, 10MDC per every 5ft grown, Force blasts are now base 2d4 instead of 1d6, PS is increased by 1 per foot grown and becomes supernatural +2 to Strike & Parry and double speed attribute, but are -4 to Dodge and -1 on Initiative. This Ability can be negated by removing the Saiyan's tail!

5)Other Bonuses: All Saiyans are +6 to save vs. Horror Factor (Elite are +8, Super +10) and +1 to save vs. Magic & +2 to save vs. Psionic Attack. +Attribute Bonuses. Vision is exceptional, can see and recognize a person at two miles away, hearing and smell are also superior to a humans but none of their senses are good enough to receive any additional bonuses.


Super-Saiyans gain the additional powers mentioned and use the Vampire experience table. Saiyan Elite have all powers and use the same table as the Cosmo Knight. Normal Saiyans use the Undead Slayer Experience and have only one of the powers #1 to 3. Saiyan Scientists are Saiyans who have none of the additional powers but can take an additional 6 skills from medical, technical, mechanical, or Science without restriction and use the Stone Master Experience table. Some Saiyans also have their tails removed to increase there concentration and lower their aggressive tendencies (Very Rare ) The tail must be permanently removed to receive any bonus but if it is the character can select another 3 skills). A normal Saiyan can be changed into an elite Saiyan by recovering from a near-death experience (i.e. recovering from the coma caused by hideous injuries gained in combat). This transition is possible at level 7. During this time the character is -30% vs. coma/death. If the character survives he now uses the Cosmo Knight table (considered 7th level but must still gain enough experience to get to eighth level on this table). The same ordeal must be endured if an elite wishes to become a Super-Saiyan, only the character is -50% vs. coma/death. Resurrection is possible however the body has failed in its transformation. Try again. The character can still advance but without the benefits of being Super-Saiyan. Although it is possible to be born an Elite Saiyan, Super-Saiyan level is only achieved through this transformation. (Well there are stories but…). If a character decides not to undergo or attempt the Elite or Super transformation he can still advance normally as his original type, but he does not gain any of the specific abilities mentioned for the next power level. If in the future he undergoes the transformation (willingly or otherwise) he keeps all his previous skills and gains the appropriate powers at the level he would have using his present experience on the new Experience Table or the lowest appropriate power level (i.e 7th level for elite, 11th level for Super).

O.C.C. Skills:

Language Saiyan 98%

Literacy Saiyan 98%

Pilot Space Pod 35 + 4% per level

Astro navigation 40 + 5% per level(Saiyan Elite Only)

Weapon Systems 40 + 5% per level(Saiyan Elite Only)

Boxing +1Att,+2par.&dog.,+1roll,+2PS,+3d6S.D.C.(Saiyan Elite Only)

Computer Operation 40 + 5% per level

Basic Math 45 + 5% per level

Optic Systems 30 + 5% per level

Read Sensory Equip. 30 + 5% per level

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 8 skills from the following list (Saiyan Scientist Only: Select 14 skills)+ One new skill at levels 5,10,& 15. All new skills start at level one.

Communications Any

Domestic Any

Electrical Basic Electronics only

(Saiyan Scientist Only: Any +5%)

Espionage Any(+5%)

Mechanical Basic Mechanics only

(Saiyan Scientist Only: Any +5%)

Medical First Aid or Paramedic Only

(Saiyan Scientist Only: Any +5%)

Military Any

Physical Any(+10%)

Pilot Any Except Robots & Power Armor

Pilot Related Any

Rouge Any(+5%)

Science None(Saiyan Scientist Only: Any +5%)

Technical Any

Weapon Proficiencies 3Max (Saiyan Elite Will Not!!! Use Weapons)

Secondary Skills: Select 3 skills from the preceding list + Two new skills at levels 6 & 12. All new skills start at base skill level.

Description: Appear Human with a monkey like tail 5.5ft. to 6.5ft. avg. height. 135lbs. To 270lbs. Avg. weight.

Cybernetics: Absolutely will not get cybernetics. It will weaken them and freeze their power at their present level until removed. Will be quite willing to undergo biological or magical enhancement.


1)Saiyan Optics: Detects low light, Infrared, and can give a power reading of the target. Power reading is = to [MDC + PS (Double if Super Natural) + PE (Double if Super Natural)+ISP or PPE if the character is ether Psionic or Magical in nature (This includes the Saiyan’s point pool] Multiplied by [(Level + PP bonus/10)+1]. Plus it has a universal translator, radio & video link to all others with the same optics device. Targeting Bonus =+1 to Strike +2 to Parry.

2)Space Pod: 6ft diameter ball shaped space craft, gravity drive. Max. speed Mach2 in an atmosphere, Mach12 in space, 8lightyear/hr. FTL drive. 500 M.D.C. Has a holographic system that can project a image of the moon that is real enough to cause the Saiyan to transform, handled as a weapon system. Ram attack does 2d4X100MD but does no damage to the ship. Also has stasis and medical capabilities equal to a 6th level Medical Doctor.

3)Armor: 120 M.D.C., AR 18 No Movement Penalties. Forearm & Shin Guards for Parrying. Armor is linked to the Saiyan and will grow when they transform. Helmet is 60MDC and adds an additional +1 to AR if worn. Non-Environmental.

Copyright © 1990, 2005 and 2008 Palladium Books Inc. & Kevin Siembieda; all rights reserved world wide. No part of this work may be sold, distributed or reproduced in part or whole, in any form or by any means, without written permission from the publisher. All incidents, situations, institutions, governments and people are fictional and any similarity to characters or persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.









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