Learn a little more about the wonderful world of RPGs.  From Rifts and the Megaverse to Dungeons and Dragons.  

Fantasy Grounds

There are also various tools where the two worlds intersect.  Fantasy Grounds is an online platform where you can interact as the player or GM with others (also online).  It's used mostly for Dungeons and Dragons but because it is highly customizable you can modify it for use with Rifts.  If you're using it with the Palladium Megaverse I can show you how to change your Themes.  Actually it works even if you're not using it with it too.

Fantasy Grounds

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We also have cookies...er... News! Right, news.  I have a few news feeds from Wizards of the Coast, related to the Dresden Files and Fantasy Grounds.  No Rifts news, since their feed is broken:(


When I was in Junior high school I wrote a short story that won some award.  I forget what it was called and the actual story was lost a long time ago.  Later I started a story and never got past the first few pages.  I still have those pages, but I doubt I will move forward with them.  Ideas came and went over the years.  They were fun, but I never wrote them down, so they faded away. About twenty years ago I had an idea that didn't fade away.  I wrote a few chapters on it... but then didn't follow up.  My girls were born in 2013 and while my wife was pregnant I was inspired to pick up the story.  I finished it off about a year later.  It's on Amazon, self-published, and there's a link to it on this site.

Two years later I finished book two.  Two years after that and I have completed book 3 and am on track to finish book four (though slow as usual).  I also started two other projects, a children's book I wanted to give to my girls for their 5th birthday and an RPGlit story I am experimenting with. 

Update: Okay, I missed their birthday by a bit;)


Go to the communityOkay, here's something new.  I installed Community Builder.  It acts as a bridge between the blog and the forum and allows users to publish and edit pages and blogs and even display the blogs in a limited manner, though not quite as nicely as K2.  However, since it's so easy to work with and edit content it's trivial to add entries.  If you have a K2 blog page set up to work with a person or category it can be used to manage a K2 blog page.  Also, it allows groups of people to join (Register) and create profiles and exchange ideas.  I thought I'd try my hand at it and see if I can get anyone interested in the resources.  Create an account and join the fun!

As with any place you upload articles, personal information, files or pictures there's a Terms and Conditions privacy policy.  Keep it clean and join the fun!


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What am I doing?  If you care, look at my Blog!  The main one is at Wordpress but its mirrored at this website. 



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