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Tired of the old look?  Change them!  Although updating the Fantasy Grounds Themes by hand is pretty arduous "GMW  Campaign Toolkit" has you covered.  You do the artwork and the program plugs it in.  It has a few drawbacks and not all aspects can presently be changed but its fairly easy.  Here are some examples of possible buttons.


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Dice Castle


So, now you're an expert on Rifts.  It's 2020, how are you going to play it?  If you're an old fogey like me, your friends are spread across the country, you have two loud needy (and extremely cute) children screaming in your ear for attention.  There is no hope to get a few hours around a table with your friends ... because they're in the same boat.  Enter Fantasy Grounds.  Fantasy Grounds is an online platform that a GM can set up a campaign to share character sheets, maps, rolls and manage all those unruly players.  Frankly, I've only used it for D&D, the 5e system, so far.  However, it has come to my attention that "Damned" (the person, not a state of being) created a ruleset for FG that can be used with Rifts.  I've had an eye out for a ruleset for Rifts for ages but I've never found one.  This isn't an exact fit but its close enough to work.  See my YouTube tutorial on how to set it up (link below).  Below is also the modified extension from "Damned" that has the Class type for convenient holding of all those messy Classes and Races, without those unsightly AC fields. 

Fantasy Grounds Screen Shot


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wizards of the coast

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