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To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before Featured

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So RPGs have been a hobby for me for years.  A cousin introduced me to the Palladium Fantasy RPG and the Palladium world in its various incarnations has been my favorite ever since.  Today Palladium has an entire Megaverse of content but that old Fantasy RPG has its place in my heart.  However, I moved and it's been hard to get a Rifts game going either as a player or a GM since then.  Setting up a webcam and Skyping just didn't work.  Years passed again.  For a while I played various incarnations of D&D with my local friends in my new home.  Every other week I'd troupe over to a friend's and we'd sit down at the table and roll some dice.  But time passed, we got old, had kids, moved out of state and had various mid-life crises.  We tried long-distance playing again.  Again the webcam came out and failed.  After some fumbling around we started to use an online gaming platform called Fantasy Grounds combined with Skype.  It started out a bit clunky but after a few years the D&D ruleset and more specifically the 5e ruleset because very polished.  It's endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, which seems very wise considering I have pretty much bought all the content at least twice so I could have the hard copy AND play online with the reference material.

And yet... and yet... what about the game system I actually gave a darn about?  Well, Palladium is still coming out with content but without people to play with, I really haven't kept up.  Every few years I would sit down with a serious face at my computer and Google up a storm trying to find some way to play Rifts online.  Roll 20 had some online games but I had invested too much energy in Fantasy Grounds to redo it all in Roll 20. SO fast forward a few weeks ago.  I sit down, do another search and I get a reference pop up.  Someone named "Damned" had made a very flexible ruleset for Fantasy Grounds.  It's not perfect but with a little bit of spit and polish, it may just work.  I dug into the tutorials for extensions, stumbled around a bit in the xml and lua files and came up with a slight modification that I think will work with Fantasy Grounds and Damned's MoreCore ruleset.  Fortunately, Damned is very responsive to questions.  I feel a bit guilty for wasting his time but with his help, I have something I put together with an online tutorial on YouTube.  I still don't actually have a campaign to play but it was fun to put together.  If this interests you check out my Youtube tutorial!

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