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I moved to a rental house about two weeks ago.  Talk about a real pain in the butt.  Aside from the packing and unpacking and hauling stuff around in a truck having a Joomla website and NAS has been more of a pain than I thought.  My new provider is AT&T.  I moved in on a Wednesday and had internet service for about a day.  During this time I wrestle to get the port forwarding to work.  I thought it was a heat issue.  The router was in the garage with a temperature of over 105 degrees F.  AT&T came out about four days later and moved it inside.  It was up for about a day.  Four days later AT&T comes back out and changes all the wiring from the service connect to my house.  Service is up for about a day and then crashes hard.  Four days later AT&T comes out and changes the router and tracks the issue to the connectors at their service.  I am finally up.  Yay.  It takes about a week to get the NAS and Joomla up due to some odd issues on the brand spanking new router they gave me.  I feel like AI spent weeks playing wack a mole but everything seems to be working.
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