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Better Late than Never, Right? Right? Featured

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I was late.  I completely missed my December publish date.  I almost missed my revised date of late January but I barely made that one.  All of these dates are self-inflicted so I suppose there is no harm.  Moving into the new house has been a roller coaster.  It required a huge change to my lifestyle, which I won't get into, but has generally been positive.  Except on my writing schedule.  It has definitely hit that harder than I thought.  Back in June, I was writing very quickly.  In fact, I had started two other projects (a children's book and a litRPG story)and had been making great progress on everything.  My latest schedule hit was due to both my girls being sick and having a water leak (which turned out to be in the yard).  The girls are actually easier to take care of when they are coughing and listless, except for keeping mommy and me up all night.  The flipside is that since they are coughing on us I expect we'll be sick in about a week.

I haven't touched my website in several months, so I was worried that I would completely forget how to use it.  Having worked with it for a few days I can thankfully say that it mostly came back.  I even found that Goodreads has new widgets that allow your book reviews in Goodreads to be viewed on your website.  That is more than Amazon allows.  See my blog for a slightly more in-depth description of my tears of bitterness.  

On the downside, I realized you can't blog directly in the Joomla editor because if you take too long you get logged out and you lose your blog/comments.  Yes, this is my second attempt.  If you are reading this and you want to leave a comment...remember to write in WordPad or something and THEN copy the test into the comment field.  Just saying.

Of course since the last time I used Joomla it has started saying that PHP 5.6 is outdated and to switch to PHP7.2.  I installed this and have been trying various tricks to get Joomla to use it.  Unsuccessfully.  Running a server on a Synology box has been fun and educational but it has moments of frustration.

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